Over 180,000 Clubs Sold!

The BombTech Story

What about design?

I was talking with a good friend of mine from college about designing an innovative golf driver and he said I should reach out to the University of Vermont (where we both went to school).  Genius I thought, but would they want to help me engineer a new golf driver. Well, luckily yes!  And this was the start of what would be now known as the Grenade. 

This pure engineering approach created our first innovation, the Dual Cavity. This unique design combined with high end materials allows us to compete and win against the biggest names in golf. Each year I work with the University to engineer golf equipment with a purpose.

What do others think?

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"When Josh Ross received a new golf club — a driver designed by four UVM undergraduate engineering students — he was, he says, “a little skeptical.” An independent reviewer for Golfballed.com, a partner with Reader’s Digest, Ross receives a stream of gear from major manufacturers. Golf is big money: the National Golf Foundation reports that there was about $4 billion in golf equipment sales last year.

But the lime-green-and-black club Ross received was built by the decidedly non-major manufacturer BombTech, the one-man-shop of Tyler Sullivan, a UVM School of Business alumnus, class of 2007. He built the club at home in Vermont.

"Can a guy really get together with some college students and create a driver that is comparable to those already on the market?” Ross wanted to know. Apparently yes — or even better.

“I have received many items to test and review,” Ross writes. “There has never been one that blew my mind as much as this driver.” Josh Brown, University of Vermont